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Professional Landscape Services

Please select an item below to learn more about our wide range of landscape design and maintenance services.  If you have questions or would like to speak to one of our experienced landscape professionals, please contact us.

Landscape Design Services

Horizon Outdoor Design excels at creating landscape designs to complement your home’s natural beauty and environment, and can personalize on several different factors:

  • Client Usage:  Our designers work closely with you to determine your needs and uses for your outdoor living space. We then tailor our designs to meet each of your needs.
  • Environment: Our designers examine your property’s condition, including light levels, soil conditions, and pest infestations (including deer and other woodland creatures). This attention to your home’s outdoor environment ensures that the plants and materials we install will not only create a stunning outdoor living space but will also thrive in their natural surroundings.
  • Size and Budget:  Whether your property is an urban backyard, courtyard, or a sprawling estate, Horizon Outdoor Design can create a functional landscape design to fit your every need. No matter what your budget, large or small, Horizon’s innovative design and installation team will create an outdoor environment that exceeds your expectations.

View photos of our Landscape Design projects in our Portfolio

Pond Design & Installation

Ponds can create a Zen-like atmosphere for your landscape.  Horizon Outdoor Design has years of experience in custom pond design and installation.  We can create any size or shape to provide the ultimate outdoor escape.

We consult with you on your pond’s proper care and maintenance, and if a fishpond is what you envision, Horizon Outdoor Design can assist with expert advice on the care of fish species that thrive in an outdoor pond.  Even smaller living spaces can benefit from an outdoor water area by our installing a pond-less waterfall system or other water feature.

Full-Service Property Maintenance

Horizon Outdoor Design will not only create your stunning landscape, patio, or pond, we will also ensure that your landscape stays as beautiful as the day we installed it with our Full-Service Property Maintenance Program that includes:

  • Mulching
  • Pruning
  • Weeding and Leaf Removal
  • Fertilizing
  • Crabgrass and Broadleaf Weed control
  • Flower Displays and Maintenance

Horizon Outdoor Design’s maintenance staff goes an extra step by alerting you to any problem or potential problem areas on your property or landscape.  This attention to customer service affords you the security of knowing your landscape is always in top-notch condition.

Plant & Tree Installation

Horizon Outdoor Design employs only high-quality products under strict installation standards.  Our installation technicians are trained on the latest planting techniques.  Using locally grown and cultivated plants that are acclimated to our region helps reduce overall loss and plant replacement.

Horizon Outdoor Design offers a limited one-year plant warranty on newly planted trees and shrubs.  For more information about the plant warranty, please contact your Horizon representative.

Lawn Installation & Renovation

Few things accentuate your home’s natural beauty better than a flourishing lush, green lawn. Proper timing and techniques are critical components to establish a new or renovated lawn.

Horizon Outdoor Design Full-Service Lawn Installation & Maintenance Includes:

  • Crabgrass Control:  Nothing frustrates a homeowner more than crabgrass spoiling a pristine lawn. Crabgrass is an annual weed germinating in April, setting seed in August, and dying with autumn’s first frost. Crabgrass has tremendous reproductive capabilities. Horizon Outdoor Design employs a host of remedies to keep crabgrass under control.
  • Fertilizing Programs:  Horizon Outdoor Design tailors a Spring/Summer/Fall fertilizing program that helps keep your lawn lush and green.
  • Broadleaf Weed Killer:  Horizon Outdoor Design’s lawn maintenance includes a program for controlling arrowhead, dandelion, docks, henbit, goldenrod, lambs-quarter, mustard, pepper grass, pigweed, plantains, ragweed, shepherd’s purse, thistles, wild morning glory, wild radish, and many other broadleaf weeds without harming your grass.

Sidewalk & Patio Installation

Horizon Outdoor is ICPI certified .

Interlocking Concrete Pavement InstituteHorizon Outdoor Design goes beyond simply meeting your landscape’s horticultural needs; we can also design and install sidewalks and patios that further complement your landscape.  A new or renovated natural stone or brick sidewalk/patio can greatly accent your home’s beauty.

We offer a wide selection of materials, from bluestone and slate to concrete pavers.  Whether it’s a large poolside patio or small courtyard hideaway—Horizon builds it all!

Retaining Walls

Horizon Outdoor is NCMA certified .

National Concrete Masonry AssociationHorizon Outdoor Design has extensive experience designing and building retaining walls and can build one for any situation—from smaller dry stack stone walls to timber retainers, or large prefabricated block walls for drainage.

Whether it is a decorative wall for house flowers or a wall to keep your backyard from invading your basement, Horizon Outdoor Design has the perfect solution for you!

Low-Voltage Landscape Lighting

With Horizon Outdoor Design, you can continue enjoying your custom designed landscape once the sun goes down.  We can plan with you a landscape lighting scheme that not only makes your outdoor living space functional but gives your landscape design a completely distinctive “evening look.”  No runways or landing pads here, only the soft glow of your house and landscape softly lit.

Let Horizon Outdoor Design show you how up-lighting trees and foundations or a creative backdropping and shadowing landscape lighting plan can accentuate your home in amazing ways.

Energy efficient, low-voltage landscape lighting can take your home’s exterior and curb-appeal to the next level, increasing perceived value to buyers.

Ground Water Control

Ground water control and proper drainage are essential to your property’s welfare.  Standing water is not only unattractive, it can also be a health hazard.

Horizon offers a wide array of water control solutions, including custom drainage control, French drains, piping out downspouts, or strategically placed drain catch basins.  Swales can be created, or repaired, to always maintain positive water flow.  Topsoil can be added to foundations to control water flow and keep your house safe from ground water.

Pesticide Applications

MDA Certified Pesticide Applications: All Horizon’s pest applicators are Maryland Department of Agriculture (MDA ) certified. License #26470.

Maryland Department of AgricultureThe Maryland Department of Agriculture’s Integrated Pest Management (IPM ) system was developed to ensure pesticides are handled and used in only the safest manner. We use the IPM method of monitoring plant material for pest infestation. This monitoring system prior to treatment greatly reduces the amount of unnecessary pesticides released into your property’s air and environment.

Our clients also save money by not paying for the spraying of unnecessary chemicals.

Snow Removal

Horizon Outdoor Design offers commercial snow removal and cleanup for properties in the Baltimore area.  This includes plowing, shoveling, and de-icing (salting) services 24 hours a day required for businesses or homeowner associations (HOAs) with property management.

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